Swing Patrol!

SwingPatrol-sepia (2) Swing Patrol plays a swinging variety of great tunes inspired by the Swing Era. In particular, it strives for the sound of the 1930’s/40’s small groups with a good dose of Dixieland mixed in as well. In the Spirit of the Benny Goodman Sextet, Count Basie and Louise Jordan, Swing Patrol keeps swing alive! Swing Patrol is also the name of Scott’s newest CD, Dennis Mersmann at MuzikReviews.com gives it four stars out of five: “Swing Patrol is an exceptional album.” …”Each track deserves to be listened to once for every musician playing to fully appreciate what each is doing”.

Swing Patrol has performed for:
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The TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival

The Fort Festival in Historic Fort Langley

The Pender Harbour Jazz Festival

The Maple Ridge Jazz Festival

The Langley Jazz Festival

Fat City Swing       Rhythm City Strut

Suburban Swing     The Bellingham Traditional Jazz Society      Dance USA Bellingham

The White Rock Traditional Jazz Society        The Whistler Arts Council

The City of Surrey       The Richmond Maritime Festival      Weddings

The City of Coquitlam       The Lions Gate Hospital Foundation   Many Retirement residences

“The folks at the Community Hall LOVED your performance.”“People came out of the Hall with smiles a mile wide on their faces after you played…and had nothing but good things to say about your (Swing Patrol).” Pender Harbour Jazz Festival Coordinator and Artistic Director: Carole Rubin
“(Swing Patrol) was the performance before Yuca took the stage… jazz/swing/blues is a really hard genre to play, and they were flawless. it was awesome.” Courtesy of: http://www.flickr.com/photos/goodbyefascination

Play the demo:

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Robson Square, Vancouver B.C.

Swing Patrol B&W2

Playing at Robson Square during the 2010 paralympics



The Maple Ridge Jazz Festival


An August performance in the fort at Fort Langley, B.C.


Scott Robertson Swing Patrol playing at the Pender Harbours Jazz Festival

The Pender Harbour Jazz Festival, Pender Harbour, B.C.


Scott Robertson Swing Patrol band at the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival


Ringing in the New Year at KinVillage Community Centre

Johnston Heights Swing Dance (1)

A high school workshop and concert in Surrey, B.C.


This is what happens on the dance floor! Suburban Swing, Abbotsford, B.C.